How Do I Use This Gift Card?!- Part One

You may think this post is totally unrelated to real estate, but it’s not. Remember, my blog is also community related and some of you may receive gift cards as, well, gifts!

Over the last few years I’ve received quite a few gift cards – between engagement party, charity auctions, birthdays, bridal shower, and holidays. I absolutely love receiving gift cards. However, I’m a gift card hoarder. I’m on the opposite spectrum of my sister and fiance – they receive a gift card and it is most likely spent that week, maybe even that day. I currently have about 40 gift cards to various places.  I was going through my gift card stash this morning and I have cards received in 2012. Maybe even a few gas cards from 2011.(side note: I even save “club” program cards- I found a Hecht’s Bra and Panty club card! I mean, they’ve been gone for what, 6 or 7 years?!)  Am I crazy? Am I a jerk? Am I selfish? Don’t answer that.

Gift Cards

I would like to say that my behavior can be blamed on the fact that I want my purchase, with said gift cards, to mean something special. I have a Starbucks gift card and I don’t want to just blow it on a Caramel Apple Cider on my way to the office. I want to blow it on a Caramel Apple Cider on a freezing cold day, when my car breaks down near one, and when I just happen to really need to use the bathroom. I want that Macy’s gift card to be used to go towards the purchase of a dress for someone’s wedding or for an outfit for a very special occasion- not on a pair of underwear because the washing machine and dryer have chewed holes in all of them. I mean, does my Aunt really want me to use a birthday gift card she gave me for holey underwear replacement?! Aunt C, if you see this, you can answer the question.

Caramel Apple Cider

Sure…I’ve gone against my better judgment and have used a Visa gift card at Harris Teeter at 3am for the purchase of dixie cups and jello. It was only because I had gotten to the store and realized that I left my debit card in my other coat, after pumping gas earlier that day. Who hasn’t done that?! Fortunately, I had a trusty gift card hidden at the bottom of my purse. Gah. I got what I needed but now I have to tell MS that I used his gift card to buy dixie cups. The worst part of it all: I have an odd balance left on the card.

So this morning I decided that I was going to make a fairly important purchase before a major trip that is approaching. It was a splurge but all justifiable by the fact that I was able to use several gift cards to purchase it. Every time I use this item, I will think of those 8 special people who provided me with these specific gift cards over the last few years.

Box Question Mark

Stay tuned for the next blog post: How Do I Use This Gift Card?! No, Really, How Do I Use It?! – Part Two