What Color is That? No Problem…Check out this App!

Paint Brush


I was holding a beautiful home open this past Sunday in Brookeville and I was admiring the dining room wall color. I thought to myself – What color is that? I couldn’t find any paint cans laying around and instead of asking the Owners, and risking them not knowing, I figured I would use one of my favorite apps to help me determine: Sherwin Williams Color Snap!

If you are ever in the same predicament or if you ever see a piece of fabric or furniture and would like paint in a similar color – use this app! If you are at a paint store and find a color you like in one brand of paint but you really want to use Sherwin Williams – use this app!

It is so easy to use. Simply load the app.

Color Snap - Sherwin


 Select Match a Photo 


Color Snap - Sherwin 2


Take a picture of the wall, fabric, furniture, color swatch etc. and wait for the results. 

Color Snap - Sherwin 3

It is pretty cool because light always hits colors in a different way, so this actually pulls a number of colors based on the light exposure and it enlarges the color spots so you can really see.


You’re welcome 🙂 


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